About Us

Nice Patches,was founded with the belief that making a custom patch should be fun, easy, and affordable. Over 20 years ago we set out to change the way patches were made and ordered(Instant Quote),We were one of the first pin and patch companies with a website and dedicated graphic designer for each customer. Our fast response time and attention to detail helped our reputation grow. As we grew, so did the products we offered. We expanded our product offerings to include embroidered patches, iron on patches, chenille patches, velcro patches,embroidery designs, and more, now our profession is better able to meet the customization needs of our customers..

Our Factories

With over 358 machines, custom patches never stops.

Our Jobs

Our Jobs at Nice Patches is to give our customers the highest quality patches. We also help our customers choose a patch that will look great with their design. We know that certain designs look better on certain patch types and we want to make sure yours looks its best. Simply fill out a instant quote form and attach your artwork or give us a call. We’d be happy to give you some advice on how to make your patch stand out.

Our Motto

At Nice Patches, our motto is “Any patch for any purpose.” We create custom patches for any occasion and for an array of clientele. These include Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, charities, civic organizations, and individuals. No matter what your patch is for, we’ll help you create it. We love what we do.