How to Iron On Patches

You just received your fancy new iron-on patches in the mail and now you’re wondering just how to attach them to your garment.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to iron on your brand new patch(es).


 ● Iron

 ● Dish Towel

 ● Denim Jacket

Children should not iron on the patches; use the iron only with an adult present!!!

1. Arrange your patches on top of your denim, (Place patch onto anywhere of cloth directly)

How to Iron on Patches 1.jpg

2. Cover the patch with a thin cloth and iron. Avoid using iron directly on the patch to protect the patch at high temperatures. Keep pressing the iron for about 40-60 seconds at a temperature of about 120-150c (depending on the thickness of the cloth).

How to Iron on Patches 2.jpg

3. Remove the iron and wait for it to cool completely. If not perfect, repeat steps 2

How to Iron on Patches 3.jpg

Congratulations on successfully taking your plain denim to the next level with some well-thought-out patch planning!

How to Iron on Patches 4.jpg

Whether buying or DIYing, patched denim is bound to elevate that jump shot

That’s it, folks! Go forth and cover all of your clothes in patches!

Start using our custom patches immediately and enjoy all our professional skills, as well as free design and shipping for all orders.